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       Harry Melges IV grew up sailing on Lake Geneva ever since he was about six years old. The first boat he ever sailed was a Melges 24. Ever since Harry was 13 years old, he has wanted to compete in the Olympic games for sailing. "Ever since I placed 2nd at the E-Scow Nationals as a skipper, when I was 13 I have been really excited to race fast boats, and I think the 49er is the perfect boat for that." Other than sailing the 49er Harry regularly sails A-Scow's, E-Scow's, and Melges 14's. Harry has big intentions in the world of sailing from ILYA championships to Olympic Medals. "I have always been really interested in professional sailing ever since I was really young, especially seeing what my dad has done in the sport." '


         I am really excited for our future in the 49er, we only had a couple weeks in the boat when we entered our first regatta. By the end of the event, I felt really comfortable and happy with how we performed. 


           -Harry Melges IV

       Finn Rowe grew up spending his summers in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin ever since he was born. He started sailing around the age of 7 years old. As he grew older he began to develop his sailing in both involvement and the overall variety of boats. From crewing on E Scows, A scows, Melges 24's, and the Melges 17 to steering 420's in high school sailing, X boats. Finn diversified his sailing and learned the ins and outs of each boat. Which ultimately helped him wrap his head around the sport at a young age. 


        Finn was then introduced to the 29er, a high performance feeder class to the 49er. He fell in love with the speed and other features of the boat. Ever since he got in the 29er he has had his eye on the Olympics. Now that he is in the 49er he knows it is in his future to be on top of the Olympic Podium 



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